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I'm on a course in London again this week. Same venue as in this post. This time I'm using the bus from Kings Cross, and it's rather nice. I'm told this is going to be a tough and intensive course, but the first day wasn't too bad at all.

For anyone else who wonders why I've been a bit quiet and not posting, I had a sudden whirl of people asking me to write things and proofread things. The most frantic deadlines are now over (unless Gregory Privat does any more two-hour-notice requests), the next ones (for [livejournal.com profile] newt) are end of May, so I can relax a bit and maybe even get some sleep.

There was also a fluy thing that hit both of us for a few days, and we spent a fair bit of last weekend in the garden, reviving the herb patch. It's been dug over, the edging replaced, and slightly enlarged. Next job is buying replacement plants to go in it (ooh!). But finding that kneeling down and getting up again had a >50% chance of making me head towards tunnel vision and blackout was something I could have done without. Blood pressure down to 115/75 - I'm usually around 135/85, so something odd there.

I think I'll spend the next few nights just catching up on sleep. Saturday was 12 hours, and could easily have used more, last night was another "stop writing at 2 when I fall over", followed by the alarm going at 6.

A random thought: [livejournal.com profile] telynor, what are you doing Friday afternoon? Because I'll be in the Old Street area, with a Travelcard to take me out to zone 6, and I get let loose at around 3 in the afternoon.
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